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Here are a few of our most recent posts from our tech blog. Most of our posts are on mobile app development, but you will find other tech related topics from native Android and iOS to cross-platform development to web development and even linux, etc.

Cedar Gallery Website

By Ryan M. Hoffman on 2020-10-13

Cedar Gallery Cedar Gallery is a boutique, Tunisian, artisanal shop located in Fairlawn, Ohio. They sell beautiful, handmade goods imported from Tunisia. I recently had the pleasure of creating a website for Alex, the owner of Cedar Gallery, and that site is now live at www.cedar‑ for you to go check out some of her products and find out more about her story! Be sure to check back regularly because there are more exciting things in store for Cedar Gallery.

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Can React Native compare and compete with true native code?

By Ryan M. Hoffman on 2018-01-28

Why Write this Article? Great question, I’m glad you asked! First, let me say that this is NOT going to be a benchmarking article to compare numbers and load times or anything like that. This article is going to be a look into whether a developer who currently works using native code for either or both mobile platforms should consider React Native. I am writing this article because that is the position I find myself in currently.

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Android Terminology Overview

By Ryan M. Hoffman on 2017-03-01

Android Unit of Measure Terminology Have you ever wondered why there are so many different units of measurement in the Android architecture? There is dp, dip, sp, px, pt, in and mm. Below I will run through what each one is and what their purpose is within the Android framework. PX <View android:layout_width:"50px" android:layout_height:"wrap_content" /> In Android, px is short for pixels. It corresponds to actual pixels on the screen. In this example the view would be exactly 50 pixels wide.

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Friends Android App

By Ryan M. Hoffman on 2016-12-20

Friends Android App Friends is an Android app I am currently developing with a planned release in early January 2017. The app is a short-list version of the stock contacts app. Friends pulls in only your starred contacts and gives you easy access to call or text them. It is supposed to be sort of like a speed dial, but for all your favorites instead of just one, and all in one place.

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