Cedar Gallery Website

Cedar Gallery Cedar Gallery is a boutique, Tunisian, artisanal shop located in Fairlawn, Ohio. They sell beautiful, handmade goods imported from Tunisia. I recently had the pleasure of creating a website for Alex, the owner of Cedar Gallery, and that site is now live at www.cedar‑ for you to go check out some of her products and find out more about her story! Be sure to check back regularly because there are more exciting things in store for Cedar Gallery.

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Can React Native compare and compete with true native code?

Why Write this Article? Great question, I’m glad you asked! First, let me say that this is NOT going to be a benchmarking article to compare numbers and load times or anything like that. This article is going to be a look into whether a developer who currently works using native code for either or both mobile platforms should consider React Native. I am writing this article because that is the position I find myself in currently.

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Review of Github Projects

Github Projects vs Trello I didn’t hear about Github Projects until recently. Projects was designed to help teams organize their work and implement their own workflow directly within Github. The goal was to make it flexible and customizable so it could be useful for any workflow, team, or project, and to make it a part of Github so developers wouldn’t need a new tool to install and configure and so they wouldn’t have to leave Github.

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